"Spirit of New Orleans"

Trombonist Vincent Lachat is joining Olivier for a quintet called "Spirit of New Orleans".

Next concerts :

Friday 30 Aug 2019 - 18h30 - Salle Faller
La Chaux-de-Fonds Jazz Festival, Switzerland
Olivier Anthony Theurillat 5tet  "Spirit of New Orleans"
feat. Vincent Kohler (drummer/humorist) 
"Tribute to Roland Hug 1936-2019"
Sunday 1 Sept 2019 - 11h - Salle Faller
La Chaux-de-Fonds Jazz Festival, Switzerland
"Echoes of Harlem : Jazz meets Gospel"
Olivier Anthony Theurillat Jazz Quintet
feat. The Bee's Gospel Singers
Nicole Jaquet Henry (lead and voice) 

OAT Jazz Quintet "Spirit of New Orleans" - Orangerie Elfenau, Bern, 15 Sept. 2018

Ricardo Volpe Diaz, photographer
Mathéo Allègre, webmaster

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